Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting – you should know about these first responders

This past week, I was able to yet again attend the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Working Group’s (ARFFWG) international annual conference.  What an amazing time! Not only are the people a great group, but I learned so much more about hot topics within the field.

ARFFWG is an organization that represents a vitally important, but not very well known part of the emergency services industry. These people serve and protect the flying public at airports across the world. With the incident at Las Vegas a few weeks ago, a spotlight was yet again placed on the ARFF department.  This article focuses upon Las Vegas and what ARFF is & why it is important:

Firefighters’ stellar performance shows value of preparation, comforts all of us

I am so very fortunate to be involved with this group.  I am working on two academic papers with colleagues about ARFF and have written various articles for the ARFFWG News.  More to come on this fantastic organization…………


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