Historical academic technology….perhaps?l

More writing!! The first line looks to us like “Mary Dear Mother”. Letter? Prayer? Can you help us decipher any of this? #digDOT #digBOS

Posted by City of Boston Archaeology Program on Thursday, August 27, 2015

I saw a piece this morning on CBS This Morning about the archaeological dig going on in Boston to find the oldest public school.  What a great thing to be working on and think of the treasures they could possibly find.  Okay, so they are really wanting to find stuff that I wouldn’t be excited about – mainly finding the outhouse for “household garbage and human waste” – see this article: Archaeological Dig Aims to Uncover Parts of America’s Oldest Public School.  Forgetting that portion of it, I was thinking how great it would be to find some old “academic technology.”  Granted, they probably didn’t think it as technology at the time, but writing on slate wasn’t always done.  Having books printed to read wasn’t always a given in schools either.  Heck, schools weren’t always a given.

What I love about technology is that it is ever present and changing.  It isn’t just computers, smart phones, and other electronic devices. It is advancements in order to make things more user friendly. In my mind that opens the term far and wide.

This whole thing only wants me to get to Boston sooner. It is one of two cities that I still need to check off my bucket list.  No, I am not that old.  I just believe in living life with adventures!


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